HEIDENHAIN at the Moulding Expo

HEIDENHAIN TNC Control: Well Connected and Intuitive to Operate

At the Moulding Expo 2017, HEIDENHAIN demonstrates how TNC control can simplify the use of existing data in networked production and how a new, intuitive operational design can make the user’s work easier.

The next generation of the TNC 620 combines the typical advantages of proven HEIDENHAIN controls with the modern way of operation by tapping, swiping and dragging via touchscreen. The combination of intuitive operation, context-sensitive user support and the proven HEIDENHAIN operational design ensures reduced workloads and time savings in production.

The TNC 620 with touchscreen is operated by gestures, similar to a smartphone or tablet PC. For example, the user can move the programming and testing graphics directly on the screen dynamically, smoothly and without jerks. He can easily set the desired view of the component by fingertip to zoom in and out as well as move or rotate the graphic. He can just as quickly and intuitively navigate with swiping movements through long lists, NC programs, and tables.

The context-sensitive user interface of the TNC 620 always shows exactly those elements that the user needs at all working steps. This makes the new generation of the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 even easier to operate, more reliable in use, and ideally suited for future requirements.

With Connected Machining, HEIDENHAIN TNC controls create a uniformly digital order management in production. Connected Machining stands for functions of the TNC controls that support the networking of controls in the workshop with all the areas in the company accompanying production.

In this way, the user can exploit the Remote Desktop Manager to securely implement all the data and information available in the company. This saves time, for example, when the operator can call data required from CAD/CAM applications directly from the TNC control. He can also send feedback to all those involved in the process, for example about cutting data and feed settings subsequently changed in the workshop.

Among other things, the HEIDENHAIN DNC interface enables vertical process integration, i.e. connecting TNC controls to the entire automated system or control center systems, for example, for configuring automatic feedback messages about active production processes. This increases transparency in manufacturing even with a batch size of one and supports timely order management.

HEIDENHAIN at the Moulding Expo: Hall 3, Booth 3D11