LIP 6000 Exposed linear encoder

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The new LIP 6000 exposed linear encoder from HEIDENHAIN, featuring interferential scanning, enables exceptionally accurate position measurement as well as permanently reliable signals, all within in a compact design. With a very small interpolation error of only ±3 nm, a low noise level of just 1 nm RMS, and a baseline error of less than ±0.175 µm at a 5 mm interval, this encoder is predestined for applications requiring constant speed control or high positioning stability at standstill.

The LIP 6000 owes its exceptional characteristics in part to the new HEIDENHAIN signal processing ASIC HSP 1.0, which ensures consistently high-quality scanning signals throughout the entire service life of the encoder. To this end, it continuously monitors the scanning signal: if the signal amplitude decreases, then the HSP 1.0 readjusts it by increasing the LED current. The resulting increase in LED light intensity has only a minimal worsening effect on the noise component in the scanning signals, even during heavy signal-stabilizing intervention. This stands in stark contrast to systems that perform amplification within the signal path. At the same time, the HSP 1.0 also ensures that the original, ideal signal shape is maintained despite contamination.