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200 London Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 9RD  
Tel.: 44 (0)1444 247711
Fax.: 44 (0)1444 870024
e-mail: salesheidenhain.couk  

General Sales Enquiries:
Dan Johnson, James Black

TNC Sales & Application Enquiries: 
Martin Lyons, Steve Wright

Tel.: 44 (0)1444 238550
Fax.: 44 (0)1444 870024
e-mail: salesheidenhain.couk 
ServiceMark Pilbeam
Martin Marlow 
Tel.: 44 (0)1444 238540
Fax.: 44 (0)1444 870024
e-mail: serviceheidenhain.couk 

Distributors and TNC Retrofitters

We at HEIDENHAIN are committed to a highly trained network of regionally based distributors.

The Regional Authorised Sales & Service Distributors specialise in offering sales and service on our retrofit products, including Digital Readouts, CNC probes and TNC upgrade packages.

The approved TNC retrofitters list offers a choice of companies who have demonstrated their ability to integrate HEIDENHAIN TNC control systems to an acceptable standard on customers existing machines.Should you have any questions regarding our distributors or the companies listed on the TNC retrofitters list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Encoder Distributors have particular expertise in matters relating to Rotary Encoders, including encoder service and encoders in motion control applications.

Our distributors undergo training at HEIDENHAIN (GB) on a regular basis and work closely with HEIDENHAIN (GB) on technical matters.