Touch probes and vision systems

HEIDENHAIN offers universal, high-accuracy touch probes for machine tools, enabling exact tool measurement, edge measurement on parts, and more. Proven technologies, such as wear-free optical sensors, collision protection, and integrated cleaning blowers, make these touch probes a dependable asset for tool and part measurement. The vision systems from HEIDENHAIN can also be conveniently deployed to monitor tools for even greater process reliability.

Workpiece touch probes

The HEIDENHAIN workpiece touch probes enable setup, measurement, and inspection functionality inside the machine tool. When the stylus is deflected upon contact with a workpiece surface, a switching signal is sent to the control via cable, radio or infrared transmission.

Tool touch probes

Improve your machining outcomes with our tool breakage detector and touch probes. These reliable and efficient HEIDENHAIN solutions inspect and measure your tools, allowing you to reduce scrap, eliminate rework, minimize downtime and boost your machining accuracy.

Vision systems

The HEIDENHAIN vision system allows you to monitor tools for breakage and wear during machining. Individual teeth or the entire tool can be inspected for fast detection of damaged and worn tools.  

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