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HEIDENHAIN Retrofit Partners

Efficiently upgrade your machine with a competent partner

If you want to merge the strengths of your old machine with the benefits of a state-of-the-art control, or if you want to upgrade a manually operated machine with an intelligent digital readout and new encoders, then these and many other retrofit options are possible. They are particularly worthwhile on machines with large traversing ranges and a sturdy design. Our Retrofit Partners, as well as the HEIDENHAIN subsidiaries and distributers, are happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • How quickly and cost-efficiently you can reach the next level of production
  • Which controls and digital readouts make sense for you
  • Which level of modernization match your requirements
  • Whether you should also upgrade your power modules and motors

Thanks to the upwards compatibility of the TNC controls, you can continue to use the NC programs from your previous HEIDENHAIN control on most current TNC controls. Also, due to the standardized TNC operating approach, you'll quickly become familiar with the new control.