HEIDENHAIN Length Gauges – more product series in the Service Exchange

Length gauges from HEIDENHAIN offer high accuracy over the entire measuring range, are mechanically rugged, and can be used in a great variety of applications. They are made for applications in production metrology, multipoint inspection stations and measuring equipment monitoring, and as position measuring devices. Despite their robust construction, it is unfortunately impossible to completely exclude failure of the HEIDENHAIN touch probes. For such a case HEIDENHAIN has extended its offering of replacement touch probes in the Service Exchange.

In order to keep plant standstill as short as possible in case of service, the following touch probe series have now also be included in the HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange offering:

  • MT 12x
  • MT 12xx
  • MT 25x
  • MT 25xx

This is how the HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange works

  • We will send you an exchange unit in premium quality immediately and free of charge.
  • When we have received and repaired your defective unit, you will only be charged the actual repair costs.
  • We provide a functional guarantee of one year on the supplied exchange unit.